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Merry Ploughboy Pub T-Shirts

Prices are in US dollars and include P&P to anywhere in the world. Black is the only colour available.

We also have a special offer to reflect the lower costs of shipping more than one T-shirt at the same time.

Irish Pub T-Shirt

One T-shirt including shipping to anywhere in the world for 25 USD.

Choose your T-shirt size and then click on the "buy now" button.
See the special offer below.

25$ (one t-shirt)

Special offer - buy two T-shirts for 35 USD

Buy two T-shirts together and get your second T-shirt for 10$
(Save 30%)

Choose whichever T-Shirt size you want and get your 2nd second T-shirt (any size) for just 10$.

Choose your first T-shirt size for 25$
Choose your second T-shirt size for 10$

Total 35$ (for two t-shirts)