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2015 Dublin team visit the Merry Ploughboy Pub

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Victorious Dublin Footballers visit the pub

After winning their third All-Ireland Football Final within five years, the winning Dublin Gaelic football team took some well deserved time out at the Merry Ploughboy Irish Music Pub Dublin.

Dubs visit Merry Ploughboy

Clan na Gael boys 2007(two fans in the background) Jim Gavin (Dublin manager) Dublin legend Jason Sherlock Jim with the girls

A fantastic bunch of lads

We can only be proud of how generous these guys are with their time. After a year of such intensive training and preparation as well as a massive final performance, they still made time to sign so many autographs for their young (and not so young!) fans.

Looking for the source of our famous chicken wings Michael Darragh MacAuley Kevin Mcmanamon

Video of a recent visitor from Kerry to the pub

A new verse added for the 2015 win

Footage captured by Rhona Gallagher of the extra verse composed on the night team when the team visited the pub. Thanks Rhona.

Jim Gavin Cian O'Sullivan Paul Flynn